Jade Lang

Jade Lang (23) was adopted from Chongqing, China and grew up in Colorado. Her parents are both from the East Coast and taught overseas in Taiwan until right before they decided to adopt Jade. Her mother grew up conservative, but raised Jade reform.

“Being Jewish to me is all about family, tradition, and community, and less about faith or worship,” Jade said. “What I love most about being Jewish is being a part of something that generations of people have been a part of before me, and participating in activities, services, and holidays that have been recognized for so long.”

She shared with me what she feels is the hardest part of being a Jewish woman of color.

“I think the biggest challenge is feeling like I have to prove or explain my Judaism. Because I'm racially Asian, it's visibly apparent that I don't look archetypically "Jewish". When I went on Birthright, I felt like it was an unspoken musing among the group like ‘How did she get to go on this trip? Is she even Jewish?’ It's funny because in reality I identify and personally feel more Jewish than I do Asian.”