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Minoo and Debby Rasson

Minoo Rasson (56) a mother, wife, and fabric store owner, resides in Beverly Hills, California. Minoo was born in Iran with her five sisters and four brothers. Due to the war in Iran, and the fall of the Shah, Minoo’s family fled to Israel. After living in the Holy Land for seven years, Minoo followed her sister and brother to Los Angeles when she was 30 years old.  

Sitting around her dining room table, eating a traditional Persian Shabbat dinner, Saeed, Minoo’s husband, told me the story of how they met. After a blind date, and only four months of knowing each other, Minoo and Saeed got married. They now have raised five children, six including me.

Debby Rasson (17), Minoo’s second youngest, is a senior in high school. Being Persian, Debby feels like her experience with Judaism is vastly different than other Jewish subcultures.

 “I think like your culture gives a different perspective on Judaism, everyone practices it differently,” Debby said.

Debby explained to me what being Jewish has meant to her.

“It means to have a community,” Debby said. “You connect to other people who are Jewish.”